After 20 years of not picking up my guitar, Bob has inspired me to play again. His passion, expertise & enthusiasm for flamenco, classical and contemporary guitar styles makes the lessons not only educational but also full of enjoyment. A great escapism from every day life – Gary Baker

Guitar Lessons in South London

Picture of Bob caught whilst teaching guitar.

The styles of guitar lessons I teach include Pop, Rock, folk, Blues, Ragtime, Celtic, Bossa Nova, Latin American, Classical and Flamenco.

With the aid of guitar tablature (tab), I will help and encourage you to learn any of the above styles and show you how to develop all the techniques required to play them either on Electric,  Acoustic or Spanish guitar.

I have been teaching and performing for more than 25 years so whether you are just beginning to study this wonderfully exciting instrument or have already been playing for some time, my vast experience combined with my patient and dedicated approach will enable you to become a more competent guitarist.

I teach at my studio in South East London ( SE6 ) or if you live further away or are even in another country then I can still provide lessons online via Skype.  Have a look at the Skype Flamenco Guitar Lessons page for more information.

Bob is a really great inspiring and positive teacher. A master of so many different genres he is able to pick tablature ‘out of the air’ for any of the pieces I have wanted to play and introduced me to a lot I didn’t know about. He has always encouraged and helped me go down the route that I wanted to take which I think is really important and a ‘must’ to enable any guitarist to develop in their own style – Anya Wilsons

Flamenco lessons for all – from beginners to more experienced players

My specialty is in the art of flamenco guitar and I have attended Paco Peña’s master class in Cordoba, Spain, on several occasions.

My teaching method is designed to guide students through most of the main flamenco toques (styles) including Soleares, Malagueña, Sevillanas, Seguiriyas, Alegrias, Guajiras, Bulerias, Colombianas, Rumbas, Tarantas, Tientos and Zambra Mora.

Focusing on developing all the right hand techniques required for playing flamenco guitar, which includes – various types of arpeggio, rasgueado, picado, alzapua, tremelo, rumba style rhythmic techniques and golpé (tapping of the sound board).

Concentrating on the complexities of the compas (rhythmic structure) of the different toques and an array of interesting falsetas (melodic phrases), I tailor each lesson to suite the individual needs of each student.

Five guitars illustrate the many styles of guitar to learn.

Guitar Lessons

I believe that the most important ingredients required in the approach to learning this exciting and demanding art form are – a great passion for the music, and total commitment and dedication which in turn requires a great deal of practice and patience on behalf of the student.


Lessons are available seven days a week, Monday to Friday 9.00am to 9.00pm, weekends 9.00 to 5.00pm.  Most students receive a one-hour lesson on a weekly basis.

Price per lesson is £40 for one hour, or £20 for half an hour.  New students are always welcome.

Terms and Conditions:-

Cancelling a booked lesson

24 hours notice is required for cancellation, or the lesson fee will be forfeited unless the lesson can be re-scheduled for that same week –  providing a suitable time slot is available.


If you start your lesson late, I may have to end the lesson at the scheduled time as I may have another booking.

No Show

If you do not show for a scheduled lesson, the full fee will be charged.

Image of guitar tab Bob's creates for lessons.

“The guitar is the toy that never wears out”.

To find out more, ring me on 020 8461 0330 or email bob@spanish-guitarist.co.uk.

“I’ve been playing basic rock and folk guitar for decades but a couple of years ago I was called on to play a flamenco-style background during an amateur theatre production. This gave me an interest in learning it properly and a chance conversation in a pub resulted in someone saying “I can give you details of the best flamenco teacher in the country – Bob Hooper”. It turned out to be true! During the few months I’ve been learning with Bob he has opened up a whole new musical experience – after all these years it’s really stretching me and helping me to make some delightful and exciting music. His teaching technique is great – he finds out your interests and existing capabilities and gradually builds on these. I leave each lesson with an accessible but challenging piece of music written out in guitar tab and recorded on CD to demonstrate how it should sound. Highly recommended! – Ted Parker