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Ever Dreamed of Setting Your Fingers Aflame with Flamenco?

Have you ever dreamed of playing a Flamenco guitar? Spanish flamenco guitar lessons can get overwhelming but don’t worry! Bob Hooper is the best flamenco guitar teacher in London, whose fingers dance across the strings, conjuring a passionate storm of melodies that spring from the depths of his soul.

If you have ever found yourself lost in the world of soothing melodies of Flamenco guitar, you know that magical realm – welcome to the world of flamenco guitar lessons. It is your gateway to unlocking the secrets of this magical art.

I provide lessons that are more than just tutorials; they are a journey into the heart of this centuries-old tradition. If you are a seasoned strummer or just learning to pluck your first string, my engaging approach will make sure that every chord progression becomes an adventure and every note is a spark of creative brilliance.

If you are looking for flamenco guitar lessons in London, I am here to assist you. You can step into my virtual studio or visit my South East London studio and let the magic of Flamenco weaves its spell around you. The real Flamenco dance is not in the feet, but it is in your fingers. Are you ready to let the magical spell take over your heart by enrolling in flamenco guitar lessons near Stratford, London?

After 20 years of not picking up my guitar, Bob has inspired me to play again. His passion, expertise & enthusiasm for flamenco, classical and contemporary guitar styles makes the lessons not only educational but also full of enjoyment. A great escapism from every day life – Gary Baker

Enchanted Echoes: The Transformative Magic of Music

Picture of Bob caught whilst teaching guitar.In this chaotic world, music provides an escape weaving an intricate tapestry of emotions and transcendent moments. Just like how an ancient sorcerer casts a spell to transport people to another world, music has the power to cast its own spell and take you into a relaxing world. The soothing melodies can wrap around your sense, lift you beyond the constraints of reality and help you enjoy the rhythmic flamenco guitar lessons.

Unveiling the Spanish flamenco guitar lessons: Journey with an Artisan

I have had the privilege of attending Paco Pena’s master classes in Cordoba, Spain. It is a world that resonates with the soul of everyone. With rich experience, I now channel this profound expertise into a unique teaching method, making way for aspiring enthusiasts.

You can enroll in flamenco guitar lessons near Bromley, London and take the first step to turning your dreams into a reality. If you live further away or are even in another country then I can still provide lessons online via Skype.  Have a look at the Skype Flamenco Guitar Lessons page for more information.

Bob is a really great inspiring and positive teacher. A master of so many different genres he is able to pick tablature ‘out of the air’ for any of the pieces I have wanted to play and introduced me to a lot I didn’t know about. He has always encouraged and helped me go down the route that I wanted to take which I think is really important and a ‘must’ to enable any guitarist to develop in their own style – Anya Wilsons

Guided Exploration of Flamenco Toques: A Multifaceted Voyage

My engaging approach is like a compass which navigates students through the diverse landscapes of flamenco togues, each a distinct universe unto itself. From the fervent Soleares to Guajiras and Seguiriyas to the spirited Rumbas, I orchestrate a journey including Malagueña, Sevillanas, Alegrias, Colombianas, Tarantas, Tientos, and Zambra Mora.

Crafting the Flamenco Right Hand: Sculpting Technique with Precision

The right-hand plays an important role in Spanish flamenco guitar lessons. I know different techniques, ranging from the delicate tracery of arpeggios to the cadence of rasgueado. I can teach you how to unfurl the tapestry of tremolo while infusing rhythmic innovation through rumba-style techniques and the resonant golpé.

Harmonizing Complexity: Embracing Falsetas

As a flamenco guitar teacher in London, I teach students to navigate the rhythms and learn captivating melodic phrases that evoke the soul of flamenco. These personalized musical stories become a part of every learner’s own narrative, specially designed to their unique needs and journey.

A Bespoke Odyssey: Shaping Lessons to Individual Artistry

As you explore the world of music, you realize that every artist is unique and has their own unique essence. I make sure the teachings are done in a way that considers everyone’s needs and desires.


Are you ready to take your musical journey to the next level? My Spanish flamenco guitar lessons are here to sync with your busy life. My services are available for students every day of the week. From Monday to Friday, I offer flamenco guitar lessons from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM. To make it more convenient for music lovers, I am also available on weekends from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM, turning your Saturdays and Sundays into a melody of musical exploration.

Terms and Conditions:

Cancelling a booked lesson

If there is a need to cancel the lesson, 24 hours prior period is required, or the lesson fee will be forfeited unless the lesson can be res-scheduled for that same week. Keeping the needs of my customers, I can also provide you with a suitable time slot if available.


It is important to keep timings in consideration. If the students arrive late for the class, the class will end at the scheduled time as I might have another commitment.

No Show

If you don’t show up for a scheduled lesson, a full fee will be charged as per the agreement.

Image of guitar tab Bob's creates for lessons.

“The guitar is the toy that never wears out”.

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“I’ve been playing basic rock and folk guitar for decades but a couple of years ago I was called on to play a flamenco-style background during an amateur theatre production. This gave me an interest in learning it properly and a chance conversation in a pub resulted in someone saying “I can give you details of the best flamenco teacher in the country – Bob Hooper”. It turned out to be true! During the few months I’ve been learning with Bob he has opened up a whole new musical experience – after all these years it’s really stretching me and helping me to make some delightful and exciting music. His teaching technique is great – he finds out your interests and existing capabilities and gradually builds on these. I leave each lesson with an accessible but challenging piece of music written out in guitar tab and recorded on CD to demonstrate how it should sound. Highly recommended! – Ted Parker