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Welcome to the World of Bob Hooper – Your Gateway to the Passionate World of Flamenco Guitar!

Unleash Your Inner Flamenco Virtuoso!

Do you often dream of becoming a Spanish flamenco guitarist? My online platforms offer music lovers a wide range of opportunities to learn and master the soothing rhythms and melodies of Flamenco, no matter where you are on the map. Your journey to becoming a Flamenco virtuoso begins with expert guidance, interactive lessons, and a supportive community.

Fiery Flamenco in London

It is time to unlock the passion of Flamenco in the heart of London. You can experience the soul-stirring magic of Flamenco with none other than your favourite Bob Hooper. My home studio invites you to enter into an engaging and fun learning experience surrounded by the vibrant energy of the city. From beginners to people seeking to refine their skills, my personalized lessons welcome everyone where you can pluck, strum and sway to the rhythm of Flamenco in no time and become the best Spanish guitar player.

Strings of Celebration: Rhythmic Magic for Your Special Moments

I believe in serenading love, joy, and success through the soothing melodies of a Spanish guitar. You can elevate your most cherished occasion with the sounds of Spanish guitar. I provide live performances that add a touch of elegance and passion to weddings, parties, and corporate events. I have a great passion for creating unforgettable, magical musical moments with a repertoire that captures the essence of romance, celebration, and achievement. The music will leave an ever-lasting impression on you that will speak directly to your heart.

Embark on a Musical Odyssey: Exploring an Eclectic Repertoire through the Lens of a Passionate Guitarist

I have a profound love for the guitar which motivated me on a captivating journey through its different shades. I expertly weave a tapestry of melodies that redefines musical elegance with a repertoire spanning Classical, Flamenco, Latin American, Celtic, Blues/Ragtime, Folk, Jazz, and Popular/Rock genres.

Live Guitar Performance: Two Decades of Wedding Guitar Mastery, Yours to Choose

I am based near Bromley in Kent and perform nationwide. With a rich experience of performing over the last two decades, I can be your seasoned guide to make your special moments a little more special. If you need a classical guitarist, a Spanish guitarist or perhaps a Spanish flamenco guitarist – I am here to harmonize your vision into a melodious reality.

Let my strings weave tales of love, joy, and togetherness, creating an unforgettable harmony that echoes through the years. From all your music entertainment to live guitar music, whether it is corporate music, party music, or wedding music, I am here to compose the perfect musical story for you.

Let’s Harmonize Your Vision:

Your special occasion and your desired melody – we can embark on a musical journey together. Reach out to me at 07786 45 49 50, and together, we’ll orchestrate the perfect soundtrack for your perfect day. You can also check my videos and listen to a great selection of guitar music from my repertoire.

Unleash Your Inner Guitar Maestro: Learn the Art of Guitar

Dive into the world of flamenco guitarist London who will help you master the art of guitar, regardless of your current level. I am your guide to expedite your journey to new musical heights with my seasoned expertise as a guitar virtuoso and teacher.

You can explore the strings of possibility with my first-class guitar lessons hosted in my South East London home studio or seamlessly accessed globally through online guitar lessons or Skype sessions, all from the comfort of your own abode.

Your Journey Begins Here

As a Spanish guitar player, my passion is to nurture your potential, whether you are a beginner or polishing your skills. My services offer you a gateway to your musical aspirations, helping you strum the chords of success.

About Us:

I am dedicated to sharing the art of Flamenco guitar with the world through my passion for music. I offer a range of services that shows the spirit of this enchanting musical tradition with a perfect blend of creativity and tradition.

Why Choose Bob Hooper?

Struggling to find a Spanish guitarist to hire in London? By turning on the find ‘Spanish guitarist near me,’ you can easily land in my heaven. You should hire Spanish guitarist Bob Hooper because:

Passionate Expertise:

I am not an ordinary instructor or a performer; I am deeply passionate about Flamenco guitar, bringing authenticity and dedication to every lesson and performance.


If you are an aspiring music lover or passionate about playing guitars – you are at the right place. Distance is no longer an issue with Bob Hooper’s musical classes. You can join me online from across the globe or visit me directly at the London studio; I offer flexible options to suit your schedule and preferences.

Tailored Approach:

As a Spanish guitarist myself, I believe every learner and event is unique. My personalized approach makes sure that your experience is as perfect as you had imagined meeting all your needs and desires.

Unforgettable Moments:

From learning the Spanish flamenco guitarist techniques to setting the perfect mood for your event, you can trust Bob Hooper to create perfect and unforgettable moments that resonate long after the music fades.


Do you provide online guitar lessons via Skype?

I offer personalized online 1-2-1 guitar lessons via Skype. If you are someone learning arrangements or exploring a full range of guitar styles, including Flamenco guitar, I’m here to help.

How can I book you to perform at my wedding party?

I have 20 years of experience playing at various events. If you are interested in hiring Spanish guitarist Bob Hooper, I would be more than delighted to be a part of it. Contact me today at 07786 45 49 50 or bobhooperguitarist@gmail.com.

Are the online lessons as effective as in-person sessions?

I believe in quality over quantity, so the quality of teaching is never compromised in online guitar lessons. Whether in person or virtual, I will ensure all my students receive the same guidance regardless of geographical boundaries.

How do you personalize lessons to individual students’ needs and artistry?

Every student and artist is unique, and so is their musical journey. I believe in personalizing my lessons to cater to each student’s aspirations and individual artistry.


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Wedding Guitarist - Bob Hooper playing I have been playing at a wide range of events for over 20 years. Click to find out more about hiring me to play at your WEDDING, PARTY or CORPORATE EVENT.
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