Online Flamenco Guitar Lessons

The power of the internet has opened us up to a plethora of new opportunities that we have never had before. With our lifestyles growing busier and busier, the internet makes it possible for us to learn new skills from the convenience and comfort of our own homes. This is made possible by professional musicians like Spanish guitarist Bob Hooper who offer to share their knowledge with budding musicians over the internet.

If you are looking to broaden your musical horizons, or perhaps you’re a beginner looking for guitar tuition with a difference, then how about getting in touch with Bob Hooper and taking some online flamenco guitar lessons? If you’re curious as to what exactly flamenco guitar sounds like, Bob has helpfully shared some videos of his flamenco repertoire on his website.

Through his 1-1 online Skype lessons, he will teach you how to emanate the fiery passion required for flamenco guitar and will help you to master the complex rhythm structures of the genre. You will also explore the 12 different flamenco styles from sevillanas to rumbas, develop right hand techniques including arpeggio, picado and golpé (the tapping of the sound board), and also build your flamenco guitar repertoire over the course of your lessons.

Having trained under some of the most renowned international flamenco guitarists, Bob has a wealth of skill and expertise in music, and can offer tuition in classical and rock guitar too. Your first online Skype lesson with Bob will be absolutely free to ensure that learning flamenco guitar over Skype is for you.

Pick up a new skill without having to move from the comfort of your own home. With Bob’s simple but effective teaching methods, you’ll achieve more than you could ever imagine in the space of your first few weeks alone. To find out more, give Bob a call on 0208 461 0330 or 07786 45 49 50.

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