Learn how to play Flamenco Guitar at home Online, On Skype

Did you know that you don’t have to leave home to get the same high quality learning experience as having private lessons. Of course, that is by having online lessons. You might have been thinking about Skype Flamenco guitar lessons, but hesitated. However, there’s no need to worry – you can have a free 20-minute lesson to check out how it’s done.

Our Flamenco Guitar teacher, Bob, is highly experienced and has been giving Skype lessons to many satisfied students for quite a few years now. Once guitarists try and test this method they gain in confidence, and the online experience leads to great improvements in their guitar playing.  Here’s how it goes – during an on line lesson you speak to the teacher direct on a one-to-one basis; we’ll see if the connection is working well (which in most cases it is); we’ll check you can see the guitar without any trouble – then it’s on with the lesson. With learning via Skype you can quickly iron out any problems you have with your guitar techniques.

There’s no doubt about it, anyone can learn to play Flamenco Guitar more quickly with guidance and encouragement from our expert. Bob has studied with Paco Peña, and has gone on to teach Flamenco Guitar for many years – he helps his students develop the essential techniques, such as Rasgueados, Arpeggio, Picado, Flamenco Tremolo etc.

So, although we are based in London, you can take an on line Flamenco Guitar Lesson from anywhere in the world – the UK, France, Germany, USA, Canada and beyond.  Even the busy folks here in London have Skype lessons – who wants to spend a couple of hours commuting? Not us!

To find out more, click here to go to our ‘Skype lessons’ page. To hear some fine flamenco guitar pieces, click here go to the Spanish-Guitar site’s Flamenco videos.

Why not try it today – email us on bob@spanish-guitarist.co.uk.