Corporate Event Guitarist West Sussex

When you are planning a corporate event and you wish to discover suitable corporate entertainment for the event, you can rely on the expertise of Spanish Guitarist Bob Hooper – he has provided corporate event music to many occasions across the UK. When you require a corporate event guitarist in West Sussex, you can be confident in the service and expertise of Bob Hooper.

Living in Wales, Bob was able to teach himself to play the guitar by listening to his favourite rifts by his favourite artists. Having spent an extremely long time getting to grips with the instrument, Bob is now a professional Spanish Guitarist who performs at various events for numerous audiences. Bob is an experienced guitarist who gained his experience performing for crowds when he was part of several rock bands; performing at many local venues. As well as having gained experience performing on stage, Bob has spent time studying the Flamenco guitar in Spain with world famous guitarist Paco Pena. Bob broadened his horizons by moving from Flamenco and covered classical, Latin-American, Ragtime and Blues.

The exciting, versatile and relaxing tones of the Spanish Guitar means that it can enchant any corporate event and improve its atmosphere instantly. You can see by Bob’s repertoire and the venues he’s previously performed at that he’s a committed professional who enjoys performing and wants to inject life and soul into his client’s events.

Find out more by continuing to his website, or by giving him a call on 020 8461 0330.

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